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RE: [SLUG] Fortress .... err Firewall Australia

On Tue, 2008-10-21 at 10:31 +0800, SMITH GARETH wrote:
> Hi there,
> 	I don't think this is a bad idea to censor Home/School internet
> connections. I think business connections shouldn't be censored as you
> can setup your own filtering. 

Education Department already filters their internet connections. I am
perfectly able and capable of deciding what I do and don't want to look
at online.

> Optus already block ports 138, 80 and 25 on home connections why not
> block some more content.

Port blocking is a completely different question to content blocking.

> I think censorship is a great idea. Young children need to be censored
> from harmful content. They don't need to be exposed to potentially
> damaging websites and now with internet on a mobiles, kids are being
> exposed to harmful content that they shouldn't see. 

Hey guess what? That's the parents job. I have three kids, it is my job
to determine what is right and wrong for them to view. I also do not
need to be subjected to a "Telly Tubby" friendly internet "for the sake
of the children".

> I think home internet plans should be filtered and business plans can be
> unfiltered.

Why? What makes businesses so special?

> That way everyone are happy. 
Umm no?

> China filters the whole internet to the country and this works for them
> so it's feasable to do this technically. Censoring the whole internet is
> stupid but censoring HOMES and Schools is a great idea. 
> "firmly committed to a mandatory clean-feed internet to Australian
> homes, schools and public computers"

In other words "Hey look, a nation well known for abusing basic human
rights is doing it, so let's do it as well". Yeah while we're at it,
let's jail people for joining a religion or we could try bringing back
the death penalty.

> Our internet connections are already filtered and intercepted so why not
> filter the extra CRAP like PORN out.

Isn't that my choice?

James Purser

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