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Re: [SLUG] Requesting IPv6 address space

"Jeremy Visser" <jeremy.visser@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I'm a small-time WordPress hacker, Linux user, and Cert IV IT student
> that has recently got interested in IPv6. Currently, I'm setting up
> (read: breaking) our home network with some random address space I've
> stolen by making up the numbers.

Why on earth are you doing that rather than something sane, such as
using the IP space deliberately and purposefully allocated for the
purpose of operating private, non-routable networks?

(Alternately, you might want to revisit how you present this so you
 /don't/ look like the goons who allocate random chunks of live Internet
 addressable space for their internal network, then complain that life
 is difficult because the Internet isn't fully accessible.)


> I'd actually like to get my hands on a small chunk of address space
> that I could play with and make my own. Unfortunately, according to
> the APNIC website:
>     If my organisation becomes a member, will there be any other
> charges for IP addresses?
>      - The first time a member requests IP address space, there is a
> one time only IP resource application fee of AU$3,169.
> $3,169 is $3,169 too much to just play around with IPv6.

So, do what you are supposed to do and obtain address space from your
service provider.  That means, right now, a tunnel broker -- the
Internode broker, if you are their customer, or one of the other

> What I want is to find some kind of program that provides students
> with small chunks of addresses, but I don't really know where to start
> looking.

Your ISP, since if you are too small to pay for your own address space
you are to small to have it globally routed anyway.