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Re: [SLUG] keyboard layouts

david <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I've bought an ASUS laptop which has some strange keyboard
> configurations.
> How do you customise the keyboard layout in Hardy? The system
> preferences tool only does specific pre-ordained layouts like Dvorak
> etc. I want to make keys do odd things (eg, the "enter" key to become
> a period... it makes sense when you see the layout)
> What I need is a tool or config file to make any given key do exactly
> what *I* want it to do.

You need to use one of two tools: xmodmap(1) or Xkb, accessed via the
setxkbmap(1) command.  Neither is that easy to use, or that well

xmodmap is probably the best place to start, as it is significantly
easier to get started with than Xkb; for the later you would need to
define your custom keyboard layout as a new geometry specification, then
switch to that with the appropriate key assignments, etc.