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Re: [SLUG] Microsoft and Email Protocols

2008/9/18 Robert Thorsby <robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Now, my FQDN does not match the dotted-quad address, and does not
> resolve via lookup, because my IP address is dynamic and my ISP (who is
> a friend) had never bothered to add my FQDN details his IP range. He is
> now adding them in -- isn't it nice to have friends. :-)

There is a least one spam black list (spamcannibal.org) which lists
servers which don't have their ip address map back to the original
host name. They say it's the standard.
We hit this problem when one of our outgoing lines didn't have this
reverse mapping (even though it's a static IP) but it's reverse PTR
record pointed back to the ISP generic ip address name (something like
ip123-123-123-123.isp.net) and non less than NAB or one of the other
big-5 banks rejected mails sent by one of the employees because of
Once we got our ISP to fix that the e-mails went through.