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[SLUG] Too many ethx ports

what distribution are you running

Hi Dean,
PCLOS 2008

Gerald wrote:
> Hi Guy's,
>         How can I get rid of eth1,eth2,and just keep eth0. with no
>         references to
>         the other ports?
>         The system is very confused and will not send/receive email with
>         all the
>         network ports. 
>         The reason for the number of ports is because I tried a wireless
>         network
>         when the on board 1GB network failed that was eth0, then the
>         wireless
>         becane eth1 the next trail wan a 1GB Intel network card that
>         became
>         eth2.
>         Now I want to get rid of eth0,eth1,eth2 then have eth0 only.
>         The question is HOW?
>         Many thanks in advance
>         Gezza