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Re: [SLUG] olympics viewing


Ive tried the hacks described on:


which is basically the same as:


And while I get the beijing2008 page up, when selecting a video I still get a message that this video isnt availabe in my country (Aus)...

Looks like google has it sewn up...


Rev Simon Rumble wrote:
This one time, at band camp, Luke Vanderfluit wrote:

Does anyone know of a site where I can watch the olympics using a linux (non-windows) codec? I cant stand au.yahoo. Most other major sites are for their national viewing only (NBC, BBC etc.)
It seems youtube is removing posts of events.

YouTube has an Olympics channel but it's only available in some countries -- Australia and the US not being in the list. I saw a blog post yesterday about how to get around the geo-blocking by changing a cookie, but can't find it now :(

However from memory (and looking at my settings) set a cookie in the domain .youtube.com named "GEO" and with content "bb84fb3cd7df0311bb5026df4d6b524fcxkAAABLUixubyByZWdpb24sc2VvdWwsLCwsLC0x" and an expiry some time in the future.

It's still working for me.