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Re: [SLUG] composite multiple images command in imagemagick

Hi Rick,

Quoting Rick Welykochy <rick@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

I've always pondered where to draw the line between sys admin and
programmer /analyst.

Well there's definitely a difference... but there are true sys-admins, true programmers and some who seem to be able to do both.

Which raises the question: does it require a programmer to handle and
correctly execute complex command-line programs like convert, etc.
as found in Imagemagick?

Definitely not. But it is painful for me seeing days of list debate for something that could be fixed (by a programmer) in an hour at the cost of a six-pack of german beer. :-)

As an aside, my brain begins weeping when I have to do something novel
with iptables (another command-line monster) but I don't consider that
a programming job. I get the impression many Linux admins can configure
iptables in the dark without a keyboard and both hands preoccupied with
beer and pizza.

I'm sure they can... but only if they are running with four monitors and 3 keyboards....