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Re: [SLUG] composite multiple images command in imagemagick

david.lyon@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

What you are after is actually a programmer... who can write that sort of thing..

Ya think?

I've always pondered where to draw the line between sys admin and
programmer /analyst.

Many sys admins I work with can whip up shell scripts and are whizzes
at handling utilities and such in the shell. But often they are not
adept at designing software systems and implementing them. No offense,
admins, but it is a different discipline.

Which raises the question: does it require a programmer to handle and
correctly execute complex command-line programs like convert, etc.
as found in Imagemagick?

As an aside, my brain begins weeping when I have to do something novel
with iptables (another command-line monster) but I don't consider that
a programming job. I get the impression many Linux admins can configure
iptables in the dark without a keyboard and both hands preoccupied with
beer and pizza.


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"Those who do not understand Unix are condemned to reinvent it, poorly."
       -- Henry Spencer