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[SLUG] Upcoming training

Just posting the following announcement about some upcoming training that may be of interest to people on the lists.


Hi all,

The following might be of interest to readers here:

Open Query has various training days scheduled in Sydney (http:// openquery.com.au/training/sydney). Current for Sydney are several MySQL DBA course days, and PostgreSQL (taught by Jonathon Coombes). You can sign up for individual course days, so you can pick the topic you need, when you need it. Book before June 15th for $25 discount (per training day, per person).

There are more course topics, including the "QA in PHP Projects Workshop" (PHPUnit etc, by PHPUnit author Sebastian Bergmann) - an overview is at http://openquery.com.au/training. Open Query has courses scheduled throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Special offers are available for students and educators. In a nutshell, students may attend for a little as $50/day; see http:// openquery.com.au/training/academic for details.

Arjen Lentz, Founder @ Open Query
http://openquery.com.au/   (ph. +61-7-3103 0809)
Training for MySQL in Brisbane,Sydney,Canberra,Melbourne,Adelaide,Auckland