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Re: [SLUG] Sydney Python 5th June meetup postponed... ended up being interesting

Hi All,

I've never been to a python user group.. I thought I would go...

It turned out to be quite interesting... had enough linux to keep me interested the whole time.

They were showing off Amazon Web Services.

What it appeared to be was that what they offer access to rack mounted machines that you can chuck your own linux image onto and (magically) boot. Not just one machine.. but maybe hundreds.. or thousands.. more than you need.

I'm thinking how i can chuck some customer 3D image-magick rendering on to that array.. :-)

Apparently the cost of this is very reasonable - and you get access to an almost unlimited number of processors. They showed a few things, ssh'ing into a machine.. some web server and database.. all very impressive.

The point that they made was basically, play around with linux at work/home wherever, but if you want like 500 machines... don't buy them.. rent them on a computer farm.. they convinced me that the concept makes sense.

It really is do your own *big* linux stuff at rock bottom prices... they quoted low prices like $2.50.. for a few hours of time or something..

After that, there was an excellent presentation by Mike from Attlassian on their Java clone of Ruby-on-Rails.

Basically, what they are doing with that is cloning Ruby-on-Rails concepts (fast-web-app-development) using Java. Not such a bad idea. They showed a java derivative language called groovy (looked to me like python) and as a technology collaboration, the whole thing seemed to make some sense.

The development is definitely world class and I'd just like to point out that we have local firms like Attlasian contributing and doing an excellent job. Pity we don't see more Australian tech firms operating in a bigger capacity overseas.

Guess they need a bit more encouragement and pushing along..

Anyway - it was all good.


Quoting Dylan Jay <djay@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Hi Python lovers,

First off, many thanks to Mark Rees for doing a great job organising SyPy
until now.

Normally SyPy is 1st Thursday of the month but it looks like we're going to
have a special talk in a couple of weeks at google so this weeks meeting has
been postponed. Stay tuned. It would be great to have a 2nd talk so if
you've played with something pythonic lately and want to share, send me an

So this week instead we've been welcomed to join AJUG on this Thursday. The
talk on amazon ec2 should be interesting to anyone wanting to host any kind
of application server (inc django, zope)

Atlassian HQ
173-185 Sussex Street (cnr Market)
Sydney CBD


Thursday, June 5, 6:00pm.
First talk starts at 6:30pm


Talk #1: Running Java web apps on Amazon Web Services
Peter McKeown

Talk #2: Holy Grails
Mike Cannon-Brookes

And then we'll file out to parking lot for a python vs java good old
fashioned no weapons rumble (joking). Or we could just go to the pub.


Dylan Jay

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