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[SLUG] turning off blog comments

On 02/06/2008, at 2:10 PM, Rev Simon Rumble wrote:

Yet people regularly ask me why there's no comments on my blog.  This
and the fact I couldn't be bothered keeping it up-to-date with the
latest comment spam blocking hacks.

A blog without comments is like posting to a list and not reading the followups.

I have three wordpress plugins for comment spam.

bad behavior, I have no idea what it does, you just install it and it does its thing. I think it finger prints spambots on their access pattern. It blocks some, but some get through.

When they get though, there is reCAPTCHA, it blocks some, but some get through.

When they get through reCAPTCHA, Akismet blocks the rest.

First time posters get moderated, posts with links get moderated. Moderated posts sends me an email. The net result is I get emailed with legitimate comments which I manually approve for first time posters. I don't bother looking at the Akismet spam queue, that silently blocks spam, no need to act on them.

spam is a part of the internet atm, isolating yourself from the community to deal with it seems drastic to me. It's a slight chore, dealing with spam, but no biggy.

Another thing you can do is set nofollow on comment links, that way if a spam does get through, google won't index it.

Michael Chesterton