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Re: Compromised Linux box stories (Re: [SLUG] upgrading complicated installs)

At the end of the day... software is judged by whether it works for the customer or not. Not whether it has a long list of accreditations.

Thats nonsense. Management will continue to buy software and force it upon their engineers and techs based on the all important characteristics of...

- market hype
- sales pitches
- pretty colors
- friendships and strategic alliances
- flashy logos and websites
- expensive lunches
- cheapest quote

If you want to find "toomany shiesters out there peddling crap"... I suggest you go look in the accreditation industry.... is it little more than selling pretentious scout badges to detract from the quality of the software ?

open source software does tend to speak for itself. it will tend to get to a certain stage when it will self cleanse.

Seriously... how many of the worlds best open source projects are properly "accredited" from the start ?

The difference is, open source will tend to get better. However once you have paid for some piece of junk software - you may be stuck with it.