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Re: [SLUG] scary freeze/reboot

looks like gnome went crazy and consumed your system at the expense of everything else.

if it happens again, try updating gnome, deleting your ~/.gnome files (disclaimer, you may want to copy them off some place else)


david wrote:
symptoms (Feisty):

screen freeze.. no keyboard or mouse control... C-Alt-F1 doesn't work

first step:

switch to different computer and ssh.

# sudo shutdown -r now

nothing happened! returned to prompt.

top shows that Gnome is taking 99% cpu, so:

# /etc/init.d/gdm stop

after a few minutes (2 minutes?) Gnome shutdown, then reboot commenced.

During the reboot, which looked normal at first, a message popped up
about swap (sorry.. didn't write it down) for another couple of
minutes .... way too long.. with the hard drive light on, which was odd.

Eventually the boot process continued.

I've looked  at syslog and dmesg and can't find anything that looks
especially odd to me. I can't even find a gap in the syslog time stamps
that relates to the couple of minutes of "hang" time during boot.

Any suggestions?