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[SLUG] Re: [SLUG-ANNOUNCE] Looking for an In-Depth speaker

Hi all,

I can offer a general talk about the use of open source software in an
Internet startup. I was meant to give this talk at a CISRA-internal
gropu, but was told last minute that CISRA management do not want to
be seen to support Open Source.

Here's the talk title and abstract:

Title: Use of Open Source Software in Vquence

Vquence is an Australian start-up that provides services around online
video. Vquence has built a consumer site (currently at
http://www.vquence.com/) that allows people to create video playlists
from millions of videos aggregated from multiple social video sites.
In addition, Vquence is currently building a new service around online
video tracking and measuring.
The software implemented to create these services is completely built
using open source software. The Web sites are built using Ruby on
Rails, AJAX, MySQL, joomla and Apache. The crawling software is
written in Java. The servers are diverse, ranging from Amazon EC2 &
S3, to Xen virtual servers and some dedicated servers - all running
Ubuntu Linux.
This talk will explain open source software used to run the business,
and to develop the services. I will address the decisions behind
choosing the diverse software packages and how they all work together.
It will also explain the advantages and disadvantages of using open
source software in such a commercial environment where high
scalability and reliability are required.

I think it's a general talk, but leave the decision to you.


On Sat, May 17, 2008 at 8:18 PM, Sridhar Dhanapalan
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> Hello SLUGgers!
> We are in need of a speaker for our In-Depth slot (19:45-20:30) at the next
> SLUG meeting on Friday, May 30. Please let us know if you have something that
> you'd like to talk about.
> This of course goes for any meeting, not just for the next one. You can
> generally assume that our meetings are on the last Friday of each month
> (barring December).
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