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Re: [SLUG] Fedora netinst?

> Geez, I have been spoilt. I've been doing Debian net installs
> for what must be close to a decade.

Give it a break. Distributions have their strengths and weaknesses,
otherwise we'd all use the One Distro to Rule Them All.

>     Unable to read package metadata. This may be
>     due to a missing repodata directory. Please ensure
>     that your install tree has been correctly
>     generated. Cannot retrieve repository metadata
>     (repomd.xml) for repository: anaconda-
>     base-200711021053.i386. Please verify its path and
>     try again. Abort?
> I've googled this, but the only responses I can find refer to
> CDROM installs.

Did you do a recursive copy?  The repodata (repository data)
is a package manager-independent way of listing packages,
their information, and their dependencies. It is in a directory
named "repodata". Repodata is created using the createrepo command.
This is in the "createrepo" package in almost all distros.