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Re: [SLUG] Easy way to duplicate a setup?

DaZZa wrote:
>> OK guru's. :-)
>> I'm in a situation where I need to duplicate on a mass basis - to
>> the order or 3000-5000 units - a Linux setup off a headless box.
>> All the destination boxes will be identical in specification, and
>> the same as the original. At this point (trial - only 15 to do),
>> I've made an image of the disk using DD to a USB attached drive -
>> which works, and gets the new boxes working, but takes 3+ hours to
>> dump the image back to the new boxes.

Sounds like systemimager may fit your needs.  You set up a `golden
image', replicate it (once) to the server, then boot the rest via
DHCP/TFTP.  You can use bittorrent once the first few are booting to
get the rest of the stuff.

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