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Re: [SLUG] Real Time Processes

>>>>> "Tony" == Tony Sceats <tony@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Tony> Hi Slug, Does anyone know how I would force a process into the
Tony> Real Time scheduling class in Linux? chrt seems to modify RT
Tony> parameters once the process is in the RT class, but I can't seem
Tony> to find how to put one in there outside of it being explicitly
Tony> set within code, which is not an option in this case.

Call setscheduler() from within the process, or make a small wrapper
that calls setscheduler() then execs the real program.    Beware, a
real-time process that isn't designed to be realtime can make your
machine unusable.

Tony> (I know it's only soft real time without the requisite kernel,
Tony> but I would like to play anyway ;)

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