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Re: [SLUG] Image rotation for some images taking hours too long.

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Lake <Mike.Lake@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Michael> Hi all Replies to Peter and Roger here.

Michael> Have done so on a different laptop and exactly the same. What
Michael> I do notice though on both is that the slow rotate images
Michael> also take **longer** to load. The -monitor options shows
Michael> 'Loading', 'Rotating' and 'Saving'.

Michael> Two files of roughly the same size ~435k One takes 30 seconds
Michael> for Load, rotate, save.  (6500 x 9000) The other 4
Michael> hours. (15000 x 9000)

Arrgh.  Tiff uses horizontal run-length coding.  That 15000x9000
pixels is going to be huge when decompressed.

Peter C