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RE: [SLUG] Disk Full Message - help pls

To find disk usage on a directory level, on the command line try:-

cd /
du --human --max-depth=1  --one-file-system

then repeat using cd & du traversing directories you think are candidates for clean up.

Use the following in a directory to see files sorted by size

ls --sort=size -lh

Also from the GUI, at least in Ubuntu, you can use Disk Usage Analyser to effectively perform a graphical du as above.

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I;m running Kubuntu Hardy 8.40 beta.

I have "/" on a 10 gb partition and "/home" on a separate 10gb partition.

I am suddenly getting messages that there is not enough room in "/tmp"
or that my partition is full.

As I remember, the initial install used something like 6 or 7 gb. I have not installed many additional packages.

I've looked through the "/tmp" and "/var" directoties but there are only very small files there. If I were to remove backup logs, old kernels etc I would gain very little space.

Is it possible that .debs downloaded for updates are being kept instead of being deleted?  Neither Synaptic or Adept appear to have an option for "keep/delete after installation"

I dont want to have to attempt to enlarge the partition as this will change its UUID and create even more problems with grub etc then needing to be altered.

Is there someway to determine if there are any large unneccessary files held in the "/" partition?

Ideas and suggestions please.


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