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Re: [SLUG] working wvdial.conf file for Vodafone Huawei E220?

Sonia Hamilton wrote:
I've just bought a 3G Mobile Broadband plan from Vodafone. Anyone got a
working wvdial.conf file?

Argh.  not more HSDPA.  (I've just spent last week hacking on stuff for
Maxon BP-3 modems).

The key points for configuring a standard HSDPA that accepts AT commands
(the Huawei should fit into this category):

If you have a pin set, first init should be:  AT+CPIN=<pin>

If you know what the APN should be:

  Next init should be:  AT+CGDCONT=<profnum>,"IP","<apn>"

  Dial-string should be: ATD*99***<profnum>#

  That init string forces profile <profnum> to connect to the specified

If you don't know what the APN should be:

  Try no additional init string, and try using ATD*99# to dial.  this
  dials the default profile.

If you're not supplied a username, you should be able to use anything as
they're probably accounting your data usage by your SIM ID.

If you're not supplied a specific password, do NOT set it to you pin (as
Lindsay Holmwood suggested), but rather set it to something random.

Telstra Mobilenet customer HSDPA/GPRS doesn't require user
authentication.  Nor does Optus's HSDPA or Vodafone's.

If your device creates multiple ports when you connect it, try each port
in turn with minicom to see which one responds to an AT command.  (just
AT on its own followed by enter should be enough, you know it's working
when the modem responds OK).

In another random note:  if anybody wants to use these modems or the
Maxon BP-3 with Linux 2.4, I will be publishing my backport of the
'option' usb-serial driver sometime over the next few days.  If you'd
like it sooner than later, just email me and I'll bundle it up.

Unfortunately the back-port is a bit quirky (I blame 2.4's USB stack and
my lack of back-porting practice) but works reliably enough - we've had
a BP-3 connected for over 8 hours non-stop using the driver.