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[SLUG] Re: Back installation problem.

> > Speaking for myself, there were a few things about gutsy that
> drove me bananas, but I found some workarounds and everything is 
> peachy now.
> A pirate walks into a bar, with a steering wheel attached to the
> front of his pants. The barman says, "Excuse me sir, do you realise 
> you have a steering wheel attached to the front of your pants?" The 
> pirate says, "Arr, it's drivin' me nuts!"

Lets see.... (dons sea faring pirate hat that I used to wear when I 
lived in the Caribbean back in the 1980's)

I've noticed that the 64-bit versions of Etch and Gutsy were just
appalling.  Still using Gutsy.  Whereas the 32-bit versions weren't 
all that bad in direct comparison.  At one point I found myself 
sending mail to the Debian KDE list about this and someone from 
Berkeley over in California wrote back in to to explain that so far 
he hadn't been able to do any work on any 64-bit software due to the 
lack of hardware.  Lead developer not able to write software.

I've managed to struggle through all of this but I have to admit it's 
a lot like going back to the mid-90's once again when you didn't 
quite expect something to work.  I suppose I really shouldn't say 
anything because I don't give money to keep the whole thing running.  
However, I do have the distinction of being one of the people who 
started ManLUG in Manchester and when on holiday in Brussels in 
Belgium back in 1995 unwittingly started Fosdem by cycling out to the 
ULB one afternoon for a coffee break only to find that a team of 
Belgian academics descended on me and asked me to start Osdem or 
Fosdem as it became.

Right, where's that OpenSuSE DVD gone to ?  (puts on kevlar vest)

(parrot drops off shoulder drunk again)