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[SLUG] Re: Auntie excludes us

On Mar 12, 8:30 pm, Rod Butcher <rbutc...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This reminds me of the problems St George Bank had using Java applets
> and acres of bad javascript to allow online banking.

LOL!  I remember that applet.

>...After thousands of
> complaints they dropped the Java applet and javascript and reverted to
> (gasp) html forms. No more problems or complaints.

I stopped using the applet before that happened.

FWIW - I put some suggestions to St. G. as well.
As a Java programmer, I felt that applet to be a
particularly horrendous example of Java deployment.

It's a pity they did not follow my suggestion to
convert it to webstart (still Java, but free floating),
and implement my suggestions for the GUI, which was
'cute, but not clear'.

Andrew T.