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Re: [SLUG] Auntie excludes us

This one time, at band camp, Darren Hannah wrote:

> The ABC Playback website seems to require Adobe Flash Player.
> And as far as I can tell, it seems that everything to do with the video
> streaming and the menus and navigation and all that malarkey is flash.
> If you want to use the ABC Playback service you need an up to date
> browser with flash installed.

That's not what I'm expecting.  I'm expecting a binary blob that embeds 
the Flash movie.  Otherwise they would say:
	Why is ABC Playback unavailable for Linux users?Due to the 
	technical requirements of ABC Playback we have been unable to 
	find a robust and secure tool for making the Flash based code 
	into a stable Linux version at this time.  We are keeping an eye 
	on developments in this area and hope to bring a Linux version 
	to you as soon as practicable

> We *have* flash.

Without fullscreen mode.  Enjoy your telly in a postage stamp.

And working on x86-32 platforms only.

> Yes, I know it's proprietary software and in an ideal world the ABC
> would utilize a format that can be played by "out-of-the-box" linux
> distributions, but really, if I can get the content I am happy.

What about if you want to watch it on your telly, in the lounge room, 
rather than at your computer?

> Adobe has given us a *native* linux client to use, for free (as in
> beer). There are plenty of proprietary file formats that we linux users
> cannot use at all. Flash is our friend.

"native" being x86-32 only.  Flash is not our friend.

> I watched the demo video and it looked pretty neat. So I applied for the
> Beta test (it all worked for me). Hopefully if I get in I can give them
> some "Only-Uses-Linux" style feedback. If for some reason being a linux
> user prevents me from using the service at all, I will tell them what I
> think.

It looks like nothing that couldn't be implemented in standard HTML.

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