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Re: [SLUG] Auntie excludes us

Getting sound to play with animation in the way and the repetition and timeing that the artist wants just works in flash. In HTML there are issues, Many options are not there, or not obvious. Flash animations are also much smaller in file size than animated giffs (x10).

James Dumay wrote:
XUL is Mozilla only (open source lockin anyone?)

Its bullshit that people think that this sort of stuff needs to be done in
flv - embedding an mpeg stream is easy enough todo in HTML.


On Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 5:04 PM, Rev Simon Rumble <simon@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

This one time, at band camp, James Purser wrote:

With regard to your query regarding a Linux version - due to the
technical requirements of ABC Now we have been unable to find a
robust and secure tool for making the Flash based code into a stable
Linux version at this time.
We made a technology decision without reference to portability.  You pay
the price.

We are keeping an eye on developments in this area and hope to bring
a Linux version to you as soon as practicable.
XULRunner, anyone?!?!?

Rev Simon Rumble <simon@xxxxxxxxxx>

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