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Re: [SLUG] Looking for a VOIP SIP Service Provider

On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 03:16:26PM +1100, Nigel Allen wrote:
> Hi All
> We're about to start working with an Asterisk test bed system.
> We have two lines coming into the office which we intend to have  
> Asterisk answer and divert different desks.
> For outgoing calls, we'd like to use VOIP - partly to keep the PSTN  
> lines free for incoming calls.
> As we are really newbies at this I would appreciate a recommendation for  
> a SIP carrier/provider who has a "bring your own" plan and who won't try  
> to oversell us on everything? I believe we only need outgoing call  
> facility - can't see any real reason for incoming but am up for debate.

you could check out whirlpool.

personally I use My Net Phone, i believe they would fit your

> Nigel
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