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[SLUG] Ugly fonts in Hardy

Hi all,

I'm on Hardy Heron and like Jeremy, I have been suffering from
ugly fonts:


In the comments to Jeremy's blog post Lindsay said:

> System -> Preferences -> Appearance, click on the Fonts tab.
> You’ll probably see “Rendering” set to “Best shapes”, and you’ll
> want to set it to “Subpixel smoothing (LCDs)”.
> If you click on the “Details” button at the bottom, you’ll get
> another screen with a bunch more options. Try setting “Hinting”
> to “None”, and “Smoothing” to “Subpixel (LCDs).

Problem is, I'm not running Gnome (i prefer E17). I've run
gconf-editor and I can find the "Hinting" setting, but not any
of the others.

Anybody got any clues how to fix this?

Erik de Castro Lopo
"I'm too fucking busy, or vice versa" -- Dorothy Parker