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Re: [SLUG] Xorg Multiple Monitors

jam wrote:
On Friday 07 March 2008 10:00:04 slug-request@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
please post xorg.conf
xorg.conf follows with irrelevant bits snipped (ie Files, InputDevice
sections). Current setup is TwinView off the 8600. I am sure there are a
few (lots?) of options which are not needed, but the plan was to get it
working then look at all the options one at a time.


valueless if the modules and kernel don't match and play nice.

Look at your log file as I posted earlier

Yeah - all is fine getting twinview running manually. I've got the two monitors going, log file looks OK (removed a few of the options reported as not used in the log file) but the maximising of windows is still a real nuisance. I'm concluding (perhaps erroneously) that it is actually a metacity thing not respecting xinerama info. If that is the case compiz also doesn't respect it cause I have the same trouble running compiz (running metacity now cause compiz had weird issues with the 1920x1200 resolution screen - bottom 1/5th of the screen went black after logging on, but that is another issue). I think I might go back to enlightenment....