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Re: [SLUG] hard drive failure, back-up, and other unhappiness

Hi everyone.
My personal experience with hard drives and enclosures is far away from
being ended, but since now i ran into much trouble and had my clues
(PATA,SATA,SCSI, both usb & fixed)

I would like to share with you my facts:
  - try using a linux box with software "testdisk", "scalpel", and so on ...
data was always recoverable, in my exp. (by meaning of replacing PCBs or
just cables, or just by luck).
  - try using "ultimate boot cd" from http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ (it has
a bunch of proprietary tools from hdd's vendors, useful to do a low-level
formatting (it is great in getting rid of CLANGS, believe !!!)
  - on windows you can try "get data back" or "r:studio", but i assume it is
a linux partition, giving we are on a LUG !!!

believe, it worth the try to recover data, and do no try fdisk since it wont
be useful in this situation (all your files would be gathered to lost+found
directories). SURE, a backup strategy HAS TO BE implemented, for what it
takes !

Hope have been useful, everyone apologize me for bad english :) i'm italian
See you soon, great mailinglist dudes !!

Massimiliano Fantuzzi,
IT Professionist & System Builder
www.fantuz.net // superfantuz@xxxxxxxxx

On Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 6:36 AM, Matthew Hannigan <mlh@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 06, 2008 at 12:57:13PM +1100, Craig Dibble wrote:
> > Quoting david <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> >
> >> I've had a back-up hard drive fail today (just the backup drive, not
> the
> >> original)
> >>
> >> Worse still, my son's hard drive failed and then his back-up drive also
> >> failed, so he is in deep doo-doo.
> >>
> >> Fail = clicking noises, won't mount or mounts then won't read/write,
> >> etc.
> >
> > Whilst not an answer to your question, if you're fairly sure the drive
> is
> > terminal it might be time to try a bit of percussive maintenance. I
> > remember having similar problems with a drive many years ago and a sharp
> > smack off the side of the desk did actually fix it. Whether the drive
> heads
> > were stuck or what I don't know, but it was supremely satisfying
> > nonetheless...
> >
> > File that under the "Please don't try this at home" category ;-)
> > Craig
> FWIW, before you try percussive maintenance, I've had the clicking
> thing and sometimes  it has been due to dodgy usb cable or cable
> insertion and once even rebooting linux fixed it - the usb driver
> had got into a funny state and was erroring no every connect.
> Rebooting fixed it.
> Matt
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Massimiliano Fantuzzi,
IT Professionist & System Builder
www.fantuz.net // superfantuz@xxxxxxxxx