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Re: [SLUG] Nomination: Sridhar Dhanapalan for President

I also second.

I think we are extremely lucky to have a person like Sridhar as a member our
community and more so in the role as SLUG president.

On Wed, Mar 5, 2008 at 1:11 PM, Lindsay Holmwood <lindsay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Ok, time to kick off the nominations!
> I'd like to nominate Sridhar Dhanapalan for the position of President.
> Although his current position on the committee may be "Ordinary
> Committee Member" there is nothing ordinary about what he's acheived -
> over the last year Sridhar has demonstrated an outstanding ability in
> leading our community.
> He has:
>  * successfully and repeatedly organised meetings and events
>  * engaged with FOSS communities and companies
>  * responded to communications to the committee
>  * followed up on committee actions and tasks
>  * acted as a spokesperson to the media
> ...all whilst being an active and enthusiastic member of the SLUG
> community both on the mailing lists, IRC, and at meetings.
> Most importantly, I believe he has the vision, determination, and
> commitment to be a successful SLUG President - to build upon and
> better the community we have, forge strong relationships with other
> organisations, and keep everyone in line. :-)
> I wholeheartedly endorse Sridhar for this position.
> Lindsay
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