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[SLUG] Nomination: Sridhar Dhanapalan for President

Ok, time to kick off the nominations!

I'd like to nominate Sridhar Dhanapalan for the position of President.

Although his current position on the committee may be "Ordinary
Committee Member" there is nothing ordinary about what he's acheived -
over the last year Sridhar has demonstrated an outstanding ability in
leading our community.

He has:
 * successfully and repeatedly organised meetings and events
 * engaged with FOSS communities and companies
 * responded to communications to the committee
 * followed up on committee actions and tasks
 * acted as a spokesperson to the media

...all whilst being an active and enthusiastic member of the SLUG
community both on the mailing lists, IRC, and at meetings.

Most importantly, I believe he has the vision, determination, and
commitment to be a successful SLUG President - to build upon and
better the community we have, forge strong relationships with other
organisations, and keep everyone in line. :-)

I wholeheartedly endorse Sridhar for this position.


http://slug.org.au/ (the Sydney Linux Users Group)
http://holmwood.id.au/~lindsay/ (me)