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Re: [SLUG] Oracle 9i database and samba

On Fri, 2008-02-29 at 10:38 +1100, Joel Heenan wrote:
> Why don't you run the database on a big fat database server then have
> all the applications connect to it via oracle listeners through
> TCP/IP. That would be the standard solution to this problem.

hmmm, the more I look into this application (Mincom Minescape) it seems
that may in fact be what it does, it has a "Design File Server".

> This solution is strange because 
>   - you may hit issues because not all FS locking commands will be
> supported
>   - running multiple database instances connecting to the same DB
> files is normally done in an Oracle RAC configuration. You don't run
> Oracle on the app servers you run it on database servers and use a
> shared filesystem like ASM or OCFS2 normally connected to the DB files
> over a SAN. Network filesystems are not normally used for database
> files. 

I am sure you are correct, I don't have any experience with Oracle or
large, distributed DB installations.

> Is there a good reason you need more than one oracle instance?


I think I phrase the question incorrectly to start with.  If I just want
one instance of the Oracle DB (the Design File Server) can I run it
installed in a VM and have it's DB files stored on Samba shared to it
from the host OS?

Simon Wong <linux@xxxxxxxxx>