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Re: [SLUG] /etc/mail/access for a secondary MX

On 14/02/2008 10:17 AM, Craig Dibble wrote:
Quoting Nigel Allen <dna@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

I want to change the /etc/mail/access from a simple "RELAY" to something that will check for valid addresses for that domain and reject any BS ones.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

sendmail 8-14-1 on FC6.

I might be missing something, but IIRC you can just list the actual user@xxxxxxxxxx in the access file and filter for allowed users that way.

Please feel free to ignore me if I'm talking rubbish, it's been quite a few years since I was that intimate with Sendmail.

Not rubbish at all - I'm afraid it's just not quite that simple.

Here's what we were using - masked for privacy:

abc.com RELAY
abc.com.au RELAY
abc.net RELAY
xyz.com.au RELAY

person1@xxxxxxxxxx   RELAY
person2@xxxxxxxxxx   RELAY
abuse@xxxxxxxxxx    RELAY
postmaster@xxxxxxxxxx     RELAY
sales@xxxxxxxxxx     RELAY
info@xxxxxxxxxx     RELAY
person3@xxxxxxxxxx       RELAY

To:aaa.com.au          "550 User unknown"

This resulted in everything for aaa.com.au being bounced "We do not relay".

I'm going to try a few different solutions after hours - naturally I want to limit the disturbance of testing during working hours.