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Re: [SLUG] Data Leakage Prevention and Detection

Sorry about coming into this discussion late in the day

Let me see if I understand your requirements.

You want to ensure that your data has been appropriately classified and if classified at a certain level you want the system to stop anyone sending the data out of the environment.

if that is correct then you have a problem.

You need user intervention, in every step of the process, that means that all users need to be trained in security. That means that your users then will now know how to classify data appropriately.

with that when users send emails they must be prompted to classify their emails then you must have rules in the email system that will deny or allow those classifications out to the internet. As a DSD rule the classification must appear in the subject and header of the email.

As stated above you could consult DSD and ASIC documentation and use them as guides on security best practices. Really I don't think you'd want to employ half their measures in private enterprise because they are a little excessive in plan and implementation. If you want to become a public servant then by all means follow them like it's the one and only bible.