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[SLUG] Am I dumb??? or is Debian still better than Ubuntu?

Dear list,

I want to setup a server so remote users (ie brother in-law) can access a box with Aussie IP address. Currently foreign IPs can not assess eBay Australia he sells lots of stuff through eBay.

So, I downloaded the 7.04 Ubuntu desktop image and burnt it to a CD. Then I tried to install it on an old Compaq box but I don't have spare mouse to use the desktop stuff.
Tried three old ones but no success.

After 30 mins of stuffing around I could not do anything without a mouse so I decided to download the 32M cd image of Debian and configured the box in 2 mins. The download
of all the software will still take another 2 hours.

But I found in much easier to manually configure the box than use the automatic stuff.
How many other people prefer the text setup rather than graphical system??

Am I dumb or what??


Richard Hayes
0414 618 425

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