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Re: [SLUG] Adding text to a postscript file

Michael Lake wrote:

> It's hard to do this in postscript.

I'm actually making good progress :-).

> I know a LaTeX way though.
> You said it was from a PDF. Use the PDF directly.
> Include it into a latex doc (myfile.tex) using \includepdf 
> then write over the top of it using a picture environment 
> to get an exact placement for your text.
> When you run pdflatex myfile.tex you will get a file myfile.pdf 
> that will contain the ticket and your text.
> Below is the latex doc to use.

I would use this method if I was there to check and valid the
output. However, these documents are going to be mangled on
embedded boxes all over the world.

The latex method you propose seems just a little fragile.

I'm actually making good progress on inserting raw postscript
commands directly into the postscript.

Erik de Castro Lopo
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