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[SLUG] Further to making the changes.

I'll pass this on to whoever's interested.

I posted a problem recently re not being able to have font changes
take---these were desktop and other changes available through Feisty Fawn

Well, it now turns out that they did take, but were unnoticeable. I had
access to a laptop and a PC, both with separate monitors, a Samsung and a
BenQ. I'd made the changes on the Samsung and I wanted to emulate them on
the BenQ.

Well, they took on the BenQ, but you'd never notice; thus, a 10 --> 12
point change stuck out on the Samsung. On the BenQ I didn't notice any
change at all. So, I upped it to 16 point. Then it was obvious---it was
about the same size as the font on the Samsung. Ditto the other changes:
they had to be exaggerated.

So, there you have it. Note I'm not knocking the BenQ, which seems OK.
Others might find my experience helpful.


Bill Bennett.