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Re: [SLUG] CLP? Novell course 3072

On Tue, 9 Oct 2007 11:37:27 +1000, "Antonio Candito"
<blindraven@xxxxxxxxx> said:
> I'm a little confused about this following page though(
> https://www.redhat.com/apps/training/assess/ ), it assesses which

Assessment means "make suckers insecure so they'll buy lots of courses".
Also gives HR people a bit of purpose in their life - they can draw up
pretty matrices showing who needs what, based on the criteria.

> course would be suitable (at least it seems so) but does not include
> the course which you linked me to (
> http://www.apac.redhat.com/training/course/RH302 ) .

RH302 is the exan for doing the RHCE; RH300 is the 4 day course + 1 day

> I'm also having difficulty understanding what the prices at the top of
> this page mean ( http://www.apac.redhat.com/training/course/RH302 )
> And which price would be applicable for what I'm going for.

$AUD ie $975 for the exam. Pricey, but there you go - recognised by

> Its probably worth mentioning I'm no wiz by any means, I've been using
> Linux for some years but I've grown quite fond of scripts rather than
> manual execution and as such have forgotten alot of the stuff I used
> to know in terms of bare-bone knowledge.

In my experience, most people underestimate their skills, procrastinate,
and end up never doing exams. Just book it already, treat your first
sitting as "study" and don't worry if you fail - you've got a free

Sonia Hamilton