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Re: [SLUG] cartoon/stick figure packages?

On Friday 05 October 2007 09:21:09 slug-request@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> My mum (bless her cotton socks) has been using Ubuntu for a couple of
> years now.
> She wants some software for drawing cartoons and stick figures for some
> birthday cards, but I haven't been able to find much (The Gimp would be
> too hard). I'm going to start her off on TuxPaint; can anyone suggest
> anything else?
> Thanks for any suggestions,

Sonia I recently went to the local camera club as a guest of my wife :-) and 
was stunned to find all the old-farts doing *really serious* photo-shop 
making out. In 1 evening I learned more about gimp that I already knew!

It was a lecture on photo-shop but still!!
Since I was sentient when Sputnik was launched, don't under estimate what the 
OLD-farts can achieve. Gimp *may not* be the right solution, but it's 
certainly a good one.