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[SLUG] CHANGE OF GENERAL TALK: SLUG Monthly Meeting, Friday 31 August

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, Shayne Flint has had to pull out of speaking this month. In his 
stead, we have Marghanita da Cruz, with her talk "Video Capture and Editing 
in Linux using Kino".

Below is an amended announcement.

== August SLUG Monthly Meeting ==

SLUG has moved to a new venue! We are now in Darling Harbour, near public 
transport and many other amenities.

    18.30 - 20.30, Friday, 31 August, 2007
    Atlassian, 173-185 Sussex Street, Sydney

We start at 18:30 but we ask that people arrive 20 minutes early so we can all 
get into the building and start on time.

We will have people stationed at the door of the building to greet and
let you into the building.

= Talks =

General Talk: Marghanita da Cruz - "Video Capture and Editing in Linux using 

   Marghanita will demonstrate the features of Kino (Open Source Video Editing
        * Capture of raw video over firewire
        * Edit - cut and splice Video (Pictures and Sound)
        * Special Effects - Fade, Barndoor, Mirror transition between
        * Titler - Add Text to footage
        * Export a Frame to JPEG image
        * Export - back to tape/Camera and OGG/THEORA/VORBIS (see xiph) using

   More information at:

Technical Talk: Rob Collins - "How to get Performance out of Python with Bzr 
as an Example"

= Meeting Schedule =

    * 6:15pm: Open Doors
    * 6.40pm: The Usual Suspects
    * 6:45pm: General Talk (see above)
    * 7:30pm: Intermission
    * 7:45pm: Split into two groups for
        * Technical Talk (see above)
        * SLUGlets: Linux Q&A and other miscellany
    * 8:30pm: Dinner

Hope to see you there!


"Using a GUI amounts to hiding the true system modifications from the system 
administrators and operators. UNIX operators like the sense of control that 
comes from their ability to modify system tables and configuration files more 
directly." - Microsoft, 'Converting a UNIX .COM Site to Windows', 2000-22-08

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