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[SLUG] Rebooting Links Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7.04

Hello SLUG users...

I have a problem of which someone maybe able to help in suggesting
what I am doing wrong with creating a link within my Ubuntu Feisty
Fawn distro so as a  customised linux driver for a I/O industrial
control card will load on startup when rebooting the system.

What is happening is that the driver loads no problem but the driver
devices nodes wont install so I have to install the driver each time
when rebooting with root privilages
make devices
make install

As Per instructions supplied

I have added a line to etc/modules
//alias char-major-244  pci-dda0X-16.ko//

I then created the file /etc/udev/links.conf.
adding the following lines
M dda0X-16_DA0 c 244 0
M dda0X-16_DA1 c 244 1
M dda0X-16_DA2 c 244 2
M dda0X-16_DA3 c 244 3
M dda0X-16_DA4 c 244 4
M dda0X-16_DA5 c 244 5
M dda0X-16_DA6 c 244 6
M dda0X-16_DA7 c 244 7
M dda0X-16_DIO_0A c 244 8
M dda0X-16_DIO_0B c 244 9
M dda0X-16_DIO_0C c 244 10
M dda0X-16_DIO_1A c 244 11
M dda0X-16_DIO_1B c 244 12
M dda0X-16_DIO_1C c 244 13

What is supposed to happen on rebooting is that the device nodes
should get installed and end up in /dev/dda0X-16*.
It has been suggested that the script  above that was created in
/etc/udev/links.conf should have worked.

Its possible it is a dependancy problem as the gentleman who wrote the
driver is running Red Hat Fedora and I am running Ubuntu Feisty Fawn.

Its a long shot but maybe someone on SLUG might have an idea.

Any suggestions greatfully recieved.




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