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Re: [SLUG] Nvidia problem - The continuing saga

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Thanks again David,
I had the digital output switch ticked. Got rid of that and now I have
sound but the microphone does not seem to work.
Tried a different mike but to no avail.
At least I have had wins on almost everything so far thanks to the kind
and patient assistance of the SLUG list and in particular -yourself and
Jeff. Thanks, I really do appreciate it.


david wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-08-20 at 11:21 +1000, Heracles wrote:
>> Now all I have to do is get her Dell Sound Blaster Live working properly
>> and she will be over the moon.
> A thought: 
> I spent ages trying to fix sound on a laptop before I realised that
> there was a hardware mute button. D'uh!
> Another thought:
> I lost sound on my desktop machine (I don't normally use the sound so I
> didn't even notice at first). 
> I had to  turn different bits of hardware on by running: 
> $ gnome-volume-control
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