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[SLUG] Acer Altos 520 - Can't detect RAID'd SAS drives

Hi All,

Trying to get any flavour of Linux (but Ubuntu or CentOS preferred) to recognise a RAID array on an Acer Altos 520 server and coming up empty.

Controller identifies as : LSI Logic 20320-R/22320-R

Disabling RAID results in the individual drives being detected ok so there's no problem detecting the SAS drives.

The server comes with Acer EasyBuild CD's but they only have drivers for RHE and Suse Enterprise. Trying to use the RHE driver in say CentOS comes up as "invalid driver for this version of CentOS".

Went to the LSI website and downloaded the "Linux" drivers they list .img files for only RHE and SEL yet again.

Does anyone have any tips / suggestions / driver disk img's for Ubuntu or CentOS? Let me know if you need any more info.