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Re: [SLUG] video for websites.


I use Kino to capture and edit the SLUG videos, it is basic but
honestly, it was the only one I could get to work/make sense.

Kino also has a great exporting section and it allows you to choose what
sort of video you want.

Also, there is a great tut on the kino website.

Hope this helps

On Fri, 2007-08-17 at 11:08 +1000, david wrote:

> I'm going to have to do some short (30-60 second?) videos for websites
> soon. They will be edited versions of material shot on camcorders..
> pretty standard stuff really.
> The last time I did it I used iMovie to create quicktime, but I would
> like to use FOSS this time.
> Does anyone have any thoughts about what's the best format/software?
> thanks..
> David.

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