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Re: [SLUG] drive woes

cd burner software usually selects which drive it will use, with options to change.

Rufi_Dukes wrote:
after finally enabling mulitmedia in my new computer the other day,
and watching one video,
today i burnt an iso of some other distro, but noticed that i could
only use the second drive;
and neither drive would play audio or video, but i *did* manage to
burn the cd...
then, 2 hours later i come back to my machine to try and figure out
what is wrong, when lo, things get even stickier!....now the second
drive won't open!!!???

anyone help talk me thru what i can do to sort this out;
or direct me to a good source of info/howtos all about drives: reading
them, mounting them, troubleshooting them...?


feisty on intel core 2 quad;
two dvd drives