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[SLUG] System Imager on Debian Lenny


Recently i've been working with System Imager[1] on Debian Lenny, i
already installed from the sources (latest stable revision, 3.8.1) on
the server machine, but the only way that i found to complete the installation
was commenting the line number 65 on the file
$HOME/systemimager-3.8.1/initrd_source/initrd.rul that references to
make rules of coreutils package.

Maybe the error ocurred before my little change because System Imager
is trying to install 5.93 version of coreutils on my Debian box that
include 5.97 version of the same package.

Is it possible that this little change on my Debian box is affecting the
results of using System Imager?, what would you recommend me?

[1] http://www.systemimager.org/

Milton Mazzarri, a.k.a. [MilMazz]
Usuario de GNU/Linux: #369158