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[SLUG] Inventory Control System / ERP - SQL Ledger?

I need an inventory control system for work. Work is not being
proactive about it and I'm only interested in learning something open
source. So far SQL Ledger looks like it might do the job, but before I
mess around with it I wanted to see if anyone has any suggestions. I
assume the real clincher will be finding a system that can cope with
syncing offline versions.

* We have several technicians who each carry stock, so some sort of
multiple wharehouse/site capability needs to exist
* The technicians swap stock around with each other, so they need to
log that one of their parts has been transferred.
* Some way to account for different purchase prices of the same item

Highly Desirable:
* Should be able to be setup so it's useful away from the server -
eg. log a part swap or sale in a PDA/laptop and then synch with the
server when an Internet connection is available.
* Integration with some sort of scanner - barcode, RFID... etc.

Accounting is not needed at this stage, that's all done in MYOB. The
technicians just need to be able to print out a sheet each week
specifying the parts that have been sold or transferred, the sale
price, the cost price and an associated job ID.