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Re: [SLUG] Firefox pausing

Heracles wrote:
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Hi Amos,
Everything pauses, but if she kills Firefox then there are no further
problems. I got her to move to Opera and the problem has gone away so I
guess the problem is in Firefox.
Not really sure why as it works fine on my machine using exactly the
same version - except that my machine is a 64 bit athalon and hers is a
1.7GHz P4 style Celeron both running the 32 bit version of Feisty.

It might be any one of firefox's plugins. This used to happen to be before and remember it was either flash or java. Ssh to her machine from your computer and run top. Ask her to browse the web and watch for any spikes in cpu or io usage.

Also, for those who commented on amsn, she agrees it is terrible, but
she does not find gaim, kmsn or kopete any better. Any other ideas would
be appreciated.