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Re: [SLUG] Re: ISP Rebranding/ Wholesaleing question (Zenaan Harkness)

The Internet Industry Association and ISOC-AU may be useful groups to check out.


And it wouldn't hurt to check out

If you are looking to provide hosted applications, you may be best working with an existing ISP.


David Peterson wrote:
Hi Zenaan,

I'm not sure that SLUG is the best forum for your question. SLUG tends
to be a technically-focused list on Linux (and occasionally other Unix)
issues. Have you tried asking around on the Whirlpool site, or doing a
Google search on Whirlpool for "reseller" or similar. This is probably
your best bet.

Now there used to be an "OZ ISP" list but I believe this may now be
defunct. To begin your research, you could try to get in touch with a
few major ISPs/telcos (companies like Internode / Agile, People Telecom,
etc spring to mind - but please don't take this as a recommendation) and
 discuss their partner programmes with them.

You probably need to ask yourself whether you plan to set up a full ISP
operation (costly and technically complex) or whether you simply plan to
act as a reseller for an existing ISP (shorter time-to-market, less
capital intensive, etc).

All the best. Hope this helps.


Hi, I'm looking for some information on starting an ISP:

1) ISP Upstreams who provide rebranding (must include ADSL).

2) Info on ISP backoffice software as well (radius server, etc). I found
eg. http://www.anime.net/linuxisp/Linux-ISP-HOWTO.html but it's from
Did give me a good start to reading though... I've been doing a lot of
reading on software required - dns, email, control panel, etc. Happy for

3) Is there a forum - physical gathering slug-like forum - for small
to medium ISPs, in Sydney?

4) Recommended online community for small/med ISPs?

PS: I spoke to someone last Friday night, I think John - I discovered
Sat night that my mailbox was full, unfortunate events... it's emptied,
although Godaddy's IP addresses are right now RTBLed (couldn't post
this email to slug), so hopefully gmail might work...

Thanks in advance

Marghanita da Cruz
Phone: 0414 869202