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Re: [SLUG] removing duplicate files

To explain more about my remove duplicate file problem . .

# rm -rv <somefile>


rm: cannot lstat `<somefile>': No such file or directory

The problem is in lstat, not rm.  The problem is that it's not recursing
the directories.

Neither will Gnome File Browser search these directories.

The problem I suspect is that over time having copied this set of
directories several times through different file systems, including as a
share from a Windows VMWare session, the property bits of the directory
entries have been made incorrect.  They are executable, as per Matthew
Hannigan's post on Monday.  I can cd through the directories and they
appear to be correct in every other way except recursing through them.

(they are mp3 data and just to be different xmms does recurse when asked
to load a directory that has subdirectories)

Any thoughts?  And a command to fix the several hundred directories too