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Re: [SLUG] Open Source Developers and Users Survey

On Sun, 2007-07-01 at 18:55 +0100, Patrick O'Connor wrote:
> Hi,
> Hope you don't mind me posting this here but I could use your help
> with some research.
> I'm doing a Masters thesis in Trinity at the moment on the subject of
> Open Source projects and their efficiency. Part of the research
> involves looking at some of the motivations developers and users have
> in using open source.
> I've created a survey (using phpsurveyor) which guides participants in
> ascertaining their reasons for developing / using open source. I'll be
> using the results as some sort of empirical evidence showing
> developers and users motivation.
> If you have 5 minutes I'd really appreciate you taking the time to
> complete it. As a bonus I'm offering a prize pool up to €200 (€50 per
> 50 participants up to €200) to be given to those who would like to be
> entered into a raffle.
> I'll also give the results and / or a copy of the thesis once its
> completed to anyone who's interested.
> http://survey.patrickoconnor.ie/index.php?sid=1
> Thanks in Advance,
> Patrick O'Connor
> http://patrickoconnor.ie/blog
> p.s. Feel free to pass this mail to anyone you think might be interested.

Question 14 has no option to select 'no' (ie. there is nothing really to
prevent a non-developer from checking out the code/sources of the
project. Just a thought?

Nice survey, btw; enjoyed partaking. :)


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